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21 Apr UAZ addressed in the handling of hazardous waste
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The aim is to address several issues, first know what waste is or no danger, and knowing the proper use for disposal and whether they should be cremated and explained the charge of teaching the..
21 Apr Evicted several homes and ships Vielha (Lleida) for propane gas leak
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The cisternae truck in a field located about 150 meters from the N-230 road in Vielha and Mijaran, reported the Ministry of Interior in a statement.   As a preventive measure, it has be..
11 Apr The Office of Environment is investigating an illegal landfill in Tineo
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The Office of Environment has opened investigation proceedings to an illegal dump near the reservoir de la Barca, in the council of Tineo, following the report of the Coordinating Ecoloxista As..
11 Apr Restrictions on movement from day 6 until 13 April.
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According to the documents provided by Guitrans, on April 10 everything will be restricted traffic throughout the national territory from 08:00 hours to 24:00 hours.   In France, on Apr..
05 Apr WFP landfill closure in Vega de Alatorre landfill opened with federal standards
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What is sought to inaugurate the new landfill is to ensure that the activities of collection, treatment and disposal of urban solid waste and special management are conducted in a manner accept..
05 Apr Development and Civil Guard work together to improve coordination of inspection in road transport
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The Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure, through the Directorate General for Transport, coasts and ports, and the Civil Guard, through the Traffic sector, work together to improve coord..
05 Apr An analysis of incidents of maritime transport of dangerous goods in 2015
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The CINS (Cargo Incident Notification System) was established in 2011 to share information on all cargo-related incidents. Initially formed by Maersk, Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd, MSC and Evergree..
29 Mar The changes in British regulation of hazardous waste will reduce the administrative burden on businesses
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More specifically, companies that produce, store or manage 500 kg / year or more of hazardous waste in England do not have to register more in the Environment Agency, but must have a valid regi..
29 Mar Villagers in SLP reject confinement of toxic waste
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Under the bill, it will be located at the site Palula, municipality of Santo Domingo, San Luis Potosi, 250 kilometers from the state capital. The project has caused protests from residents and ..
29 Mar Profepa closing 30 industries for polluting the Atoyac River
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In a statement, the federal agency reported that the 23 partial closures and total seven are part of the "Strategy of attention to the environmental problems of the Atoyac River."   He ..
28 Mar Verdemar warns of possible transfer of contaminated soil from a quarry Gibraltar Estepona
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In the letter sent to the General Directorate for Prevention and Environmental Quality, which has had access Europa Press, Verdemar recalled that, as a result of excavation work beneath the runwa..
28 Mar They seek to reduce the environmental damage batteries
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"It will equip recyclable containers to some educational units so that through the collection make the deposition of batteries in these containers and then when full, will the respective delive..
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