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23 Mar They disappeared causes narco tests
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Investigating a complaint federal prosecutor Graciela Lopez de Filoñuk could change the course of several causes for drug trafficking that are heard in the federal and provincial courts of Cord..
23 Mar in La Rinconada uncontrolled landfills
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Among the visible waste no debris, plastics, glass, pipes, sacks ... and hazardous waste as Uralita (asbestos).   Ecologists in Action has denounced the proliferation of uncontrolled du..
23 Mar Agreement freight ADR is modified for 2016
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Batteries or lithium ion or lithium metal have been identified as damaged or defective should not be transported except under the conditions specified by the competent authority of a contractin..
23 Mar PSOE question by the decision to abolish the inspection of dangerous goods trains
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So what has indicated the national PSOE deputy, Isabel Rodriguez, who said that "the Socialists believe this government has to submit to the control of the Congress of Deputies" and stressed th..
22 Mar Funding for clean drains and tire collection in Tijuana
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  In the years 2014 and 2015, with sixty-five thousand US dollars provided by the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) the Sonoran Institute, same Border 2020 Program, cleaning ..
18 Mar Profepa ensures 46 tons of hazardous waste
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Along with the Departments of National Defense, the Navy, the Attorney General's Office, Federal Police, General Administration of Customs and State police personnel 5000 Profepa inspected 649 ..
18 Mar China wants to control their cars with an identification chip
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There a follow vehicle in real time? Officially, it's for a good cause   In the context of a program launched by the Ministry of Public Security of China, Shenzhen is among the first gr..
17 Mar Profepa attends trailer rollover accident with hazardous waste in Tecate
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  The agency reported that support materialized under the National Operating in Carters Point Customs land, sea and Aeroportuarias and Transboundary Movements of Materials, Substances and Haz..
08 Mar In the landfill will make special cell for hazardous waste
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The manager of the Municipal Sanitation Company Oruro (EMAO), Jose Aranda Peñaranda, said after making the campaign to collect batteries, construct a special cell in the landfill Huajara for..
08 Mar Legislative analyzes of Costa Rica toughen maritime laws
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The initiative provides for prison sentences and administrative sanctions for different types of crimes, the agency said in a statement.   The instrument provides for penalties of one t..
04 Mar The clean point average in Zafra over 3,000 users and 170 tons of waste in its first year
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   The facility became operational at the end of February 2015 and has the capacity to receive up to twenty types of waste that must be managed independently for proper treatment and recovery. ..
04 Mar Bergman recognizes that the cyanide spill contaminated the water Barrick San Juan
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The minister recalled that received "this week's neighbors Jáchal", a town near the Veladero mine, which controls the multinational Barrick Gold, and promised to soon travel to the province. ..
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