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10 May A danger to inhabitants of colonies, trains that move hazardous material
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Residents of Big Tree, Galeana, Tamaulipas and Gulf colonies reported that the risk increases because these charges are for days on trains unemployed concessionaires Ferromex and Kansas City So..
10 May Profepa detects 83 tons of hazardous waste in the country
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Thanks to the above, the agency finalized 17 administrative procedures after securing 1.14 tons of hazardous waste, as well as two vehicles in which the wastes were transported.   He de..
10 May Alert discharge of hazardous materials in the AP-7 to collide two trucks
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Civil Protection reported that the accident occurred about 06.30 hours of the morning at kilometer 49 of the AP-7 southbound.   One of the two trucks involved carrying seven cans of 30 ..
05 May They charged to eleven people for driving vehicles that pollute the environment
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The prosecutor Carlos Matheu charged 10 Cordovan and a native woman in America for crimes against the environment, of which three are malicious penalties and the remaining eight culpable.  ..
05 May Automotive industry leading generation of hazardous waste in the state
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According to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) in the entity they have identified thousand 502 companies generating waste considered hazardous because of the risks po..
03 May Royal Decree 144/2016 of 8 April,
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v> Published in: "Official Gazette" no. 90 of April 14, 2016, pages 25638-25678 (41 pp.) Section I. General Provisions Department: Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism Refer..
27 Apr Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air gets new instructions
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The document also provides for amendments to the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, incorporated by corrigenda 1 and 2 and addenda 1 to 3, which are immedi..
21 Apr be fined companies to throw hazardous waste collection point
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In the letter, which was forwarded to partners, it is recalled that the two campuses have surveillance cameras whose recordings will be reviewed to try to find violators. And, in recent times h..
21 Apr Punished for polluting 14 companies
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So far this year, they have been closed three companies for violating the official standard of emissions and discharges, one in Matamoros and two in the southern state, and in 2016 634 inspecti..
21 Apr The Government closed and filed criminal charges against an operator of hazardous waste
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After three months of coming studying the case, Friday 10 inspectors and lawyers of the Secretariat of Environment conducted an inspection of the company that lasted more than eight hours, wher..
21 Apr Resolution of 11 April 2016, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation
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Published in: "Official Gazette" no. 94 of April 19, 2016, pages 26512-26573 (62 pp.) Section I. General Provisions Department: Ministry of Development Reference: BOE-A-20..
21 Apr Updating the regulations on air transport of dangerous goods
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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has adopted Amendment 52 to Annex 18 on management systems safety, dangerous in the mail and training programs on dangerous goods goods; as ..
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